The Academy of Photography is pleased to invite you to The Black and White Film Photography course which will present the history of photography, explain the differences between film cameras and films in order to achieve your desired effects and allow you to experience the charm and magic of the darkroom through the use of alternative techniques of film developing and printing.  If you are a black and white photography fan and you are bored with digital photography, or you may have found an old camera in the attic and want to learn how to use it, or may simply be looking for old-new techniques of black and white photography and want to bring your knowledge to a different level, then this course is for you.

fell in love with black and white photography from shooting to printing

The course involves 10 weeks of practical and theoretical classes, half of which will be in the darkroom.  The price is inclusive of all films, chemicals and paper and we also provide the use of different cameras to all students.

  • photography history
  • cameras and differences between them
  • introduction to large format
  • differences between black and white films
  • film sensitivities
  • light metering
  • different techniques of developing and printing
  • darkroom preparation
  • dodging and burning
  • practical classes

Fell in love with black and white photography from shooting to printing. Fully certified 10 weeks evening course.
Going holiday don’t worry you can always work out missing classes with other groups.

(ability to pay in 3 installments)

There is a possibility of receiving funding from FAS for unemployed people.
more dates soon


Course Plan:

  1. Lecture: 2 hours

-an introduction to the history of photography

-cameras and the differences between them (35 mm + medium format)

-an introduction to large format

  1. Lecture: 2 hours

-films and the differences between them


-sensitivity of films

-different techniques of film developing (push and pull processing)

  1. Lecture: 2 hours

-ways of light metering

-various techniques for sharpening

-ways of film loading

  1. Practical class: 3 hours

-field trip with practical uses on selected cameras

  1. Practical class in the darkroom: 2 hours

-film developing (traditional, or with the previously discussed push or pull processing techniques)

  1. Practical class in the darkroom: 2 hours

-alternative film developing techniques

– film developing in coffee


  1. Practical class in the darkroom: 4 hours

-darkroom preparation

-different techniques for sharpening

-differences between enlargers

-various photographic papers


-print drying

  1. Practical class in the darkroom: 4 hours

-printing techniques

-colour filters in the darkroom



  1. Practical class in the darkroom: 3 hours

-Alternative techniques for printing


  1. Lecture, 2 hours

-Prints and photo judging

-Certificates given

All cameras, film, papers, chemicals, gloves will be included.

In order to maintain high quality workshops, the number of places in the group is limited to 8. For booking and more information please contact the Academy.

The Academy of Photography
46-49 North Great Clarence Street Dublin 1

+353 860660033
+353 12351825

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