10 weeks, creative digital photography course with 5 field trips activities for those who want to improve their knowledge of the technical and practical guidance, begin to make full use of your camera, know how to take a perfect shot in any lighting situation and learn the most important tricks and ways for digital image processing with Adobe Photoshop.

Capture the moment! You can also do it right.

Course Starts:
07th May Saturday at 1:30pm

07th May Saturday at 11am

The total cost of € 450 (ability to pay in 3 installments)
Groups of 4 to 8 people
Time: 12 weeks

Due to the winter period and a large amount of holiday taken we would like to inform you that there is a possibility of working out outstanding lectures with other groups.
10 classes, on which we are going to learn all topics below, and together discuss the work and projects done on field trips. Also present ways to print pictures and analyze exactly what to follow when purchasing new photographic equipment.
Additionally, for the practical application of knowledge gained during lectures. The course includes 5 field trips in different lighting conditions (day, dusk, night), min 3 hours each. Days which filed trips will be held on will be discussed with group.
Our goal is that every student finishing this course will how to take a correct shot in any lighting situation, be perfectly able to use his camera in order to achieve the intended effects, and have the necessary knowledge about digital photography, photo processing and most importantly, be able to practice his knowledge gained during lectures.
During the course students will be required to prepare of their choice 3 projects of the following topics, which will be evaluated and printed in large format and the best design chosen by the whole group will be rewarded.
Students on the end of the course will receive a certificate of finishing the photography course and the best works will be presented at the exhibition organized by the Academy of Photography and placed in the gallery on our website.

What others say

Learned a lot, very friendly and talented teachers

rewelacyjny kurs, super nauczyciele i atmosfera

nauczyłem sie naprawdę dużo, teraz kolej na Level 2

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