Black and White film developing techniques workshop which will present practical and theoretical techniques for film developing. Spend a day in a darkroom and learn how to develop B&W film using different techniques. This one day workshop is an introduction to a second day workshop Printing in Darkroom.

learn how to develop your first black and white film

Practical one day class in the darkroom
-films and the differences between them
-Sensitivity of films
-Different techniques of film developing (push and pull processing)

All cameras, film, papers, chemicals, gloves will be included.
In order to maintain high quality workshops, the number of places in the group is limited to 8. For booking and more information please contact the Academy.


Develop your first black and white film and spend a day in darkroom

“Black and white film developing” and “darkroom and printing”  workshops with The Academy of Photography are an excellent opportunity for all students to take their knowledge about film photography and monochrome printing to another level under the supervision of Arthur Sikora, winner of Black and White Photographer of the year 2011 in “B+W photography” magazine.

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