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The Academy of Photography is based in Dublin, Ireland. It was founded in 2007 and is currently based in Fumbally Exchange in Dublin right in the city center.
The Academy is so far creating and running photography courses in both English and Polish with a growing number of students each year. Courses are designed to meet the demands of students in all levels of knowledge and skills, from beginner to expert. They include Digital Photography Level 1 and 2, Black and White Photography, Studio workshops, Adobe Photoshop classes and other software skill building seminars, Flash Photography Level 1 and 2, Product Photography and Field Trips. All lectures are supported with practical activities. Only eight students may enroll for anyone course in order to ensure high quality. In the darkroom students have the opportunity to learn about the art of analogue photography as well as black and white film development and printing techniques. Course tutors are talented photographers in their own right and also very passionate about photography.
The Academy of Photography has successfully built a strong community around the study of photography, holding multiple events and exhibitions as well as providing gallery space to young, up and coming artists. The Academy continues to bring together people who have a strong passion for the art of photography in an enjoyable environment and creative space that encourages growth and development. After completing a course students can still attend various activities and field trips or become members of The Academy of Photography Camera Club.
Any activity outside of organized courses, such as field trips, exhibitions and meetings or a whole wheat variety of actions,are aimed at giving opportunities for the cooperation of all our students participating in a given time in the courses as well as those who had completed a long time ago and still want to have living relationship with photography.
The Academy aims to provide extensive step-by-step photography programs that are simple and effective without any complicated jargon. They are marketed towards beginner, amateur and professional photography students. All courses are created by photography experts and professionals, and delivered right to the student’s through a variety of engaging training modules.
In our offer you can find
All courses are run in English or Polish
Photography courses on a different levels of knowledge
Studio Workshops
Adobe Photoshop courses on different levels
Adobe Photoshop master classes
Night photography workshops
How to use your camera workshops
Portrait photography workshops
Flash courses
Product photography courses
Photography field trips
Camera Club
Darkroom rental
Studio rental
Fine Art printing